First day high

by - September 09, 2008

I guess some of you, guys have been wondering how did my first day as a college girl go last monday. Well, to tell you the truth I wasn't that excited about it during the last week of my looooong vacation because I didn't know if I was going to make any friends or if I was going to fit in with the college crowd. I was too focused on how people would think of me, but then I thought to myself, it doesn't matter what they think of me. I'm going to school to study and do my very best in all my endeavors. So, I shrugged the thought off my mind and just waited for monday.

So, yesterday was my first day of school. I was suppose to wake up at around 8 AM because our place is just three LRT stations away from CSB and also because my class won't start until 9:20, but I had to wake up a bit earlier like around 7-ish because my physical examination with CSB's clinic was at 8 AM sharp. But knowing me, I would drag time due to being tired and sleeping late because I have to wait until Athan falls asleep so, I woke up at 7:15, took a bath, said good-bye to my "mag-ama" (Which was not easy. I missed them soo much!) and got out of the house at 7:45 and hurriedly walked to the LRT station. When I got to the LRT station I was so happy because I was in the waiting area where not much people were and I thought to myself, I would have 5 minutes to spear when I get to CSB and I could relax and not rush. When the train arrived to my surprise no door stopped in front of our waiting area, it went all the way to the end and I had to make a run for it so I could catch it and not have to wait for another one or else i'll be late ( I had no time to lose!). Thankfully, even though there were a lot of people to race with and running in my business attire (with heels, mind you) I was able to make it and get to CSB on time.

After my physical examination I had 20 minutes to spear before my first class. Walking, I didn't see any familiar faces so, I sat down at the waiting area a.k.a "the airport." I kept looking around while waiting for 9:20, hoping I would see someone I knew and alas! I saw my best friend Erika. I was glad to see her because I felt like such a loner sitting there. I was with her until it was time for my first period, she even brought me to my room because I was clueless. I felt like a kid again having my mom bring me to my class room on my first day. Erika was my mom that day. Haha.=P When I had my first period which was GEPSYCH, I didn't have anyone to talk to because we were irregular students meaning we don't have a block. But after the first period I was thankful because for the second and third I finally saw familiar faces. Don and Paula. My two high school batch mates. When I saw Paula come in late for our history class, I wanted to jump off my seat and hug her because I was surprised to see her. FINALLY, I have a friend! haha. Loser mode ako sa first day. After history, we had an hour for lunch. Wubie and I will be having lunch dates, since we're just neighbors. Him in DLSU and me at CSB. :) After lunch Don, Paula and me met up for our last two subjects. Can I say how much I love my COMSKI1 teacher? He/she didn't show up for our last class and we got to go home 3o minutes earlier.

Hayyy, college is indeed so new to me, but I'm starting to really like it. I can't wait for what tomorrow brings and the days to come after that. :) I get to commute alone, meet new people and change outfits everyday because theirs no uniform! Weeee. I guess I'm finally excited. I just hope my excitement for school continues because I want to run for Dean's lister this term. Please pray for me, guys! Thank you! Well, nobela na toh so, I better end this with pictures of things inside my bag/things I bring to school.

My Mango Baggy
My handy dandy organizer
My clearbook/pencil case/fan/bible for BIBSTUD and Umbrelly
Kikay kit/brush/wallet/hanky and wet ones :)
My phone and ID :) looove it!

I use to call this my ugly notebook because it looked so plain, but now it's ugly no more!:)

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