by - September 06, 2008

Today was uber busy for me and Wubie and I cannot express how T-I-R-E-D we are, I don't want to do that again. First, we went to Glorietta to submit my Artwork t-shirt design (can't wait for judging!), to have my nails done "french tips" babyyyy, Buy Athan's milk, but we didn't find it. Enfalac for new borns is hard to find lately..POO, then we headed to San Juan de Dios to get my x-ray plus have my check-up (BTW, my Pneumonia is clearing up. Goodies!) and to express how tired we were at the hospital, while waiting for my turn for the check-up, Wubie and I were already sleeping. Ha, ha. But after my check-up our brains woke up and so we went home to dress up and go to The Fort strip for Keigh's sexy 18th birthday.

Keigh's 18th was supposed to start at around 7-ish, but since we work in filipino time it started at 9 PM which was good because we got there at 8. She had it at the M1NT bar and bistro, so we had an awesome buffet dinner and an open bar which is the cause of rush of our weewee when we got home due to all the iced tea drank. I was actually hesitant to go at first because I might not have any friends there that I'm close to since, Keigh and I have a different group of friends. Nonetheless I still went because she's one of my good friends and also because I'm one of her 18 candles and again, I was the first one to speak and I didn't see it coming, but this time though I didn't have cold feet. I was able to deliver my impromptu speech well. :) I'm glad I went because it was super fun even though we only stayed until the AVP was over because we had Athan with us. He's a party boy now. Ha, ha and a ladies man. ( daming flocking girls!=P).

Anyhoo, my eyes are starting to give up on me because of all the activities done today. so forgive me for the short details about our busy day. I'm really tired so, off to bed I am. Good night, everyone! ZzzzZzzzZz.

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  1. have a good rest cos tom. is a big day :)

  2. Haha!! Natutuwa naman ako kay Athan!! Kabata bata palang eh chicks magnet na!! =) Haha!! Ang cute cute naman kasi eh!! =))

  3. hahaha matinik sa chicks!! haha thanks, nadz!


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