History and Natsci..I dislike you!

by - October 06, 2008

Well, for one thing I really don't dislike History. I dislike the teacher. I don't get her. She doesn't give us handouts, nor does she send us the power point slides, but instead expects us to save it in our own USB ( which I I don't have yet BTW) or the alternative of copying a very long slide. For my copying is not the issue. I love copying notes. I'm a notes-copying-addict, but my only problem with her is she surprised us with a quiz last time which she did not give us a chance to review because she kept going about the slide expecting that while taking down notes we can remember them. Excuse me, Ma'am, I do not have photographic memory. If only she would give us even just five minutes to review when she gives on the spot quizzes jeez. Oh and awhile ago, she went through the slides super fast again that Chris, Dona, Paula, Inigo and I weren't able to copy some parts. Good thing though one of our korean classmates came prepared. She printed out a copy of the slide and allowed some of us to print it. Whew~ I guess it's not her I dislike, but her style. Hope she improves. GAH.

With my NATSCI11 my only dilemma with my professor is she gives quizzes like almost every week? And this week we have a PBL. (It's a proposal/report) and she claims that if she is not satisfied with our presentation we would repeat our PBL over and over again until it finally comes to her liking. Goodness, she didn't even give us an example on how to do it. She just gave us the paper and walah! We have to understand it on our own. Thank goodness it's by group and not individual. I know this isn't like high school that you get spoon fed with all the details, but hello some of my professors like, kudos to my History prof on this part, she really explains thoroughly because its a report, you have to make it clear for everyone to understand and finish it successfully.

Hayy, I can't understand some teachers. It's like they have never been students before. Do you some of you feel me on this? Hirap noh? Hayy, but if I really wanna get a high grade on my course card not only do I have to work hard, I have to like it as well. Poo. Anyway, Good night, guys! NATSCI11 again for me tomorrow. Wish me and my groupmates good luck.

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  1. Aww Ava! Hindi ka tlaga makakaalis ng college without encountering such profs :) don't worry, kaya mo yan!

  2. i know, toni kaya thanks so much for the encouragement lagi!!=D


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