I'm luckier..behh!=P

by - October 05, 2008

I was complaining in my two last entries that I feel envious of them having their special bond, but I realized today that we're luckier than them because even though they do have their "happily ever after" now, they still don't have the tons of memories Wubie and I shared and continue to share. They've only had months while we've had years and in those years I am proud to say that I am blessed to have a guy who tolerates every bit of my attitude no matter how moody I may be he remains to be the sweetest guy ever and loves me and our son super duper uber much! He's my dream boy.:) A guy who is patient without limits, super understanding, hard working to the max (marunong mag sterilize, mag rock & mag change ng nappy! soo not your typical Daddy.) and a guy who loves unconditionally.

At least when we get married someday, we can look at our AVP and say, "Wow, we had A LOT!" and I'm glad we've shared all the wonderful feelings because from there I can say we've been through a lot. Tested and proven! Hehehe. I love our family. God has indeed blessed me so much and I couldn't be happier and thankful. :)

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  1. Aww that's so sweet. I also feel lucky with my boyfriend coz he's super duper patient with me (and not much with other people). I'm glad we both feel special with our lovers ;) Hehe!

  2. that sounds really sweet, YouR so lucky to have him:) Goodluck with uR luvlife, wish u all da best^^


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