Byebye hair

by - October 23, 2008

Hey, guys sorry for the hiatus, but you see, it's my midterms this week and I have to study really hard for them, but since I've managed to have a little time on my hands i'll make a short update.

So, yesterday after my long day in school I decided to follow my Mom, grandparents and Athan at MoA to enjoy a little break. When I got there I made an impulsive decision of wanting to cut my hair already and so, my Mom agreed since my hair raw was making me look haggard and of course I'm quite thin now so I can't really sport such a long hair because that'll make my face look longer. Sooooo, making the long story short, here's my, good bye 4 inches and hello new look! I think the last time I had a hair cut this short was back in grade school. =P Anyway, comments, guys! Hehehe. Tell me how it looks. Tah-tah!

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