Crash and burn

by - October 24, 2008

Obviously, everyone can see my entry title up there and this time I tell you to take it literally because unfortunately last saturday I accidentally bumped a small metal post at Acacia Avenue in Alabang. Why did I hit the post? Well, to make the story clearer, I was given my license almost a month ago and I had the pleasure of driving our two month old car for the past three days successfully, but to only the places I was familiar with which was Makati and Pasay because I still had the fear of driving a van and being on the open road with all the nasty drivers around me, honking like crazy at my back and over taking without signaling so, there I bravely took the wheel and carefully drove my Mom's first car ever, which is a Toyota Innova going to Ayala Alabang Town Center. On our way there though we kind got lost so, we waited at a gas station for my tito to convoy us leading to ATC, but while we were waiting at the gas station, my tito said that we should just head to ATC because it was just "NEAR" and that he's sure we could manage. ( Does he even know the definition of near when your LOST???) So, right then and there we moved our car and made a right turn to Acacia Avenue when we saw this village guard. We knew we couldn't possibly find the place on our own, we asked the village guard if he can kindly lead us to ATC and happily he said, "Sige ma'am sumunod na lang kayo sa akin, dadalhin ko kayo dun.." And so, the newbie driver that I am hearing the words "sumunod kayo sa akin" I followed him without taking caution that he slid through the narrow way that had a NO U- TURN sign at the far right and so when I followed him I wasn't able to see the small post right in front of me and there, I bumped our two month old car. I swear, fear was super wanting to jump right out of me, but all I could do was shake. I was scared that I wrecked something very important to my Mom, something that she really worked hard to earn and that I had my grandmother and son at the back seat. I feel kind of traumatized to drive home that night, but I had to. I had to let the fear inside me go because I was the only driver present in our family and that the car was bought near our place and had to be taken there to be fixed. We cannot leave it in Alabang even though the radiator was suffering badly. Plus, we still had to deal with Police reports and stuff. Goodness, ka-bata ko may police blotter or whatever record na ako.
Hayy, I'm guess I'm just a little upset with how the village guard who lead us work. He could have just lead us the right way even if it was the long way, instead of taking us to a short cut and getting everything jeopardized. But then again it was also my fault for not being EXTRA cautious about it. I'm also glad that our car is covered by the insurance and that none of us were hurt and that Mom wasn't mad at me for bumping her car. These alone make my heart at peace.

So, to the newbie drivers or even if you're a pro, be super cautious on the road and the signs especially at night. Never take chances. If you have to run 40 kph on an express road do it because what you will be risking is your life if you're the type who loves rush all the time. Just a friendly reminder. Also even if you do commit and accident, don't let the fear take over you. You have to serve it as a lesson. Good night, guys!

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