My pride and joy can lift his head!

by - November 14, 2008

It's been quite a while since I last practiced him to lift his head because before when I would put him on his chest he would feel lazy and rest his head on the bed, unlike now I tried doing it again after a month and tadah! He's done it! He lifted his head without putting it down or even try resting it. He's sooo cute! The little things that a baby could do can sure make a tired day's at school go away. :) I was so amazed by him and so was his Dad. We're are indeed very proud parents of Athan. But, gosh he's growing up too fast! Next thing you know he'll be all over the place. Hayy, but that's the life of parents. I cannot wait for his next steps in life, but at the same time it's scary seeing him grow up that quick because he might not be a baby boy anymore.:( BE STRONG, MOMMY AVA!:) We'll just fill him up with lotsa love while he's young so, he would always love us the same way. We would support him with what he wants, what he wants to do in life ans whatever ambitions he wishes for. ( As long as their good, of course=P) We'll be your biggest fan in your every day life and we will try to be the best parents we could be for you. Love you, Hun!

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