by - November 16, 2008

I find blogging to be boring lately I don't know why? Maybe it's because I want to blog about something, yet there's nothing really interesting for me to talk about. But I might as well try and update because it's the last day of our weekend.

So, yesterday we went to MoA again for our family day and we watched the awesome fireworks they always have on saturdays. It's really fun having family day bonding because I never really experienced that when I was little. My dad wasn't around and My mom was gone most of the time understandably because my dad didn't support us and she had to raise me all on her own. That's why I guess I don't want the same thing for Athan. We're fortunate to have a complete family and I want to take advantage of the situation by having our family day every weekend. Even if we don't have much money to spend because we don't have jobs yet, it's still nice because we have each other and we have lots of fun just by watching fireworks and strolling around the mall. Because when you think of it, family bonding doesn't have to be all about buying something or eating at the fanciest restaurants. Family bonding is having fun with each other and enjoying the fact the you guys have good health to get out and enjoy the world. For me that's what I love about family day. Being with my Wubie and our boy. Complete and content.

Athan has been taking solids already btw. It started yesterday. I was so excited when his pediatrician said he can have powdered cereals, mashed veggies, fruits and juice. After his check up when we got to MoA, the first thing I did was buy him Cerelac banana and milk flavor and one Gerber juice. I don't know. I've babysat a lot of babies before and have fed them, but there's just something about your child having his own "firsts" in life. Like, his first tooth, first steps or first words, but in my case it's his first time to have solids and when we got home I was so ecstatic to feed him and my gosh he is sooo takaw. He finished almost all of it and that was two tablespoon of Cerelac and the funny thing since solids are heavy on the tummy while eating he was also falling asleep. :) He's such a sweetheart and I am so proud of him. I thank God for giving me a healthy, normal sweet baby boy.

God is indeed good to me. I have a baby who is super cute, healthy and a boyfriend who is always there to love me no matter what.:)

I hope everyone had a great weekend too. God bless!

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