by - November 01, 2008

For today, the family and I didn't have our usual family day out because it's All saints day and there's no mall to go to, plus lets respect the day of the our loved ones. :) So, since I have nothing better to do again and while waiting for Athan's water to heat up because it's been awhile since he last took a bath, (he got sick kasi..) I'll blog some random stuffs first.

First things, first I finally got my little miss tee! and I super love it. I wore it last Wednesday, but never really got to upload it agad so here, like I promised, when my Little Miss Augustinian Tee has been finally washed, I'll post a picture of me wearing it.

I didn't get this at the Perfect white t-shirt store though. I got it from my friend Char for Php 300. She doesn't have for other schools unfortunately and the ordering process was only until October 15 so, if you Augustinians want one, I bet you can get one at our CSA bookstore or just go to the PWT store. :)

I want this for Christmas! It's either the green one or the pink. It's SLIM, PINK and CUTE! I LOVE IT and I WANT IT. All I want for Christmas is a new SONY T-77 Lalalala.

Awhile ago when my grandparents were at the cemetery we were left home alone with little food so, Wubie and I decided to go to Mcdonalds down our street with Athan and while waiting for our take out here's what our little model did--
(Say it with me..."AWWWW....")

Gahhh! I'm bored:) I wanna go to Glorietta and visit Artwork and check out if they have new cute wallets!

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