I am struggling, yet happy

by - November 03, 2008

As many of you, guys seen in my last entry, I was pretty much disappointed with my NATSCI11 and history class. It's been though for me because as of now, out of my seven courses they're my lowest yet. I did not fail them, but if I'm super into getting a Dean's spot this term I have to step it up a notch and try harder. I felt sad and discouraged, but I won't let these two subjects hinder with my goal. I believe I can make it and will try to be more studious.

Today, wasn't much of a drag. When my alarm rang this morning, I refused to get out of bed, but I told myself I cannot be absent for GEPSYCH again because I was already absent last wednesday due to Athan's illness and I had to bring him to his pediatrician. So, I forced myself to get up, took a bath and went to school. When I arrive at class Mrs. Alcarazen was giving out our grades and thankfully, I got a 3.5. I was really thrilled to know that I don't have to worry much about GEPSYCH and same for my BIBSTUD because again I got a 3.5 as well and nothing more could have made my day. :) They were awesome results and I'm satisfied. Now all I have to wait for is ORDEV-A and COMSK1X. I hope I get a 3.0 at least for COMSK1X so that I won't have to fret for my GPA.

Hayy, enough about grades. Today Wubie and I weren't able to have our lunch date because after taking care of Athan, he went straight home to rest because he has an extremely bad cough. (Get well soon, Bie! Love you.) So, instead of having lunch with him, I spent lunch at this joint called "De Matisse" (with my friends, Kimmy, Jana and Andrea) which BTW, has super cheap food. For php 45 you already have two big BBQ, rice, iced tea and soup. For only php 45, could you believe that?? Not only is their food affordable, but it's also very good. If you, guys are around Taft, you should go and try it. :) After eating at De matisse, on our way back to CSB, I was talking to Kim when all of a sudden this middle aged man came walking down really quick and bumped Kimmy's chest. (Kim's quite the gifted person up there) so, all of us thought the fugly man did that on purpose because when he noticed that we knew his purpose of hitting Kimmy (which was to make "chancing") he immediately walked faster away from us and poor Kimmy was left in pain and I had to bring her to our clinic. Thankfully, now she's fine. Gosh, some guys can be such perverts! Hate them. I hope they all experience what it feels like to be a girl and how hurtful it is to be disrespected like that. Shame on men like that.

Gah, well that's all for now, guys. Have to give Athan some attention. Happy sembreak to the ones still on their loooong vacation! Swerte niyoooo! Tah-tah.

My NATSCI teacher asked us to make this experiment for air pollution wherein we have to leave a plate half filled with petroleum jelly over night and see the next day if it accumulates any dirt and all that nasty stuffs in the air. Whatcha think will be seen there when I wake up tomorrow??=P

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