you will always be my first love

by - November 21, 2008

Ever since I was little all I knew was art, all I ever LOVED was art, all I wanted was to do art and all I ever wanted for my future was to be an artist or a designer. I'm just absolutely in love and fascinated by colors. You cannot see any of my home works or simple work in and out of school not touched by art, but I don't really understand why I'm not in an art course, but how I really wish I was. I envy all of my classmates who are in Multimedia, Music, Photography, Art management, Animation and Fashion design for one, they get to experience doing art at the most awesome building a college has ever built, meaning our very own SDA building. When I was still applying for CSB, I told to myself, WOW! when I get accepted here I actually get to be in THAT building together with all the students who are interested in art like me. I love art before when I was still little and up to this very day at the age of 19, I still have the same heart for it. I wish that I would just be given a chance to take up my passion. I don't know why I have such passion or liking for the arts, nor do I know why my feelings haven't changed over the years, because we must all agree that all children draw, all kids love coloring up to a certain age and eventually they'll realize when they grow that they really don't have an interest for it, but not I. I want to be an artist or a designer for the rest of my life and I plan to pursue that up, maybe not now, but maybe in the latter part of my future and will continue it until the last part of years. I want colors, life, creativity, creation and something that a lot of people think I can do so great in my life and that is ART. I cannot explain how much I want to be an art student because it is beyond words. My love for art grows even more now that I'm not in it, but I know at my own risk and passion I know I can achieve great things with art. "Pick your passion as your profession and you wouldn't have to work a day in your life" as they say. I believe in myself highly that I can do GREATER things. I love art no matter what. Always will, always have.

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