busy december

by - December 29, 2008

December has never gotten this busy for me and I really miss having quality time with Noodle ( my MacBook's name=P) and the time that I get to soak myself on the net for hours. Nowadays I don't get do that. I'll only get an hour or two to download important pictures on my multiply, update my plurk once or twice and if I'm lucky I'll be able to come up with a sensible blog entry plus go blog hopping. We've been out almost every day because my Mom is here for the holidays and we do our New Year/Christmas shopping at the very last minute. It gets insane sometimes because you have to wrestle in line with the tons of people around the mall. But, I can't say I don't like it, I'd be such a liar. I love going to the malls with my Mom and family on christmas season because for one thing I get to go shopping because of the sales the stores have, second I get to enjoy my Mom's good food treat and cooking on New years and third we go to amusement parks. So, I cannot complain because there's more to love than hate.

Anyhoo, forgive me if I haven't done enough blog hopping on your sites, guys! I really miss reading your entries and bugging you on your tag boards. I hope that doesn't make you not want to visit mine too because that would make it sooo sad. :( I'll really make it up to everyone after the holiday season.:) I miss you all!!! Have a happy new year!!!

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