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by - December 23, 2008

Why does it feel like its been forever since I last blogged wherein I just updated a few days ago? I don't know I guess I miss blogging and seeing your great comments. :)

Anyhoo, Yesterday and today was super busy for me. Actually ever since my Mom and Aunt arrived from Taiwan we've been all out the whole time and now that we've got our car back we've been going home at 1AM or 2AM in the morning. Imagine how tiring that is, but never mind being tired, yesterday we went to the WTC bazaar where there were a lot of great buys, but my Mom's kind of picky with things and so am I so, we only bought things that are not commonly seen around malls or something that has a cheaper value than the ones you see at malls and I managed to get myself two cute bookmarks and one super cute bag that they say is from Japan and of course we couldn't miss getting Athan something and my Mom bought him this uber cute cow costume. Its in the laundry right now so i'll just post it some other time. :)
(Lobster and whacky fishy!)
(Plastic bag look-alike bag)
After the WTC bazaar my mom treated us to this spa place wherein you can have a full body massage and have a dinner buffet. It was really fun for me even though I'm not the spa-type-kind of person. :) I love being pampered once in awhile. Felt great. Especially when your a mom. You can feel stress from your head down to your legs. Hehe.

For today we went to MoA to have a little christmas shopping and I bought 1 cute top from Maldita, 1 top from Topshop and 2 cute shades of green and pink nail polish from The Face shop. After that went to my Tito's resto at the bay to have some dessert. I had Leche flan ala mode then cheese sticks. *YUM* I'm very much into desserts nowadays and I don't really know why. I love, love, love them.

Well, that's all for now. I'll try to update again soon! Also, How's your Christmas shopping going?:) Did you get something nice for yourself as well?:)

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