I'm not preaching I just hate it

by - January 19, 2009

Don't you just hate it when all you want to do is get through one whole day with a good vibe in yourself that you did good today. Well, that's all I want. I go home everyday from school, take care of my son, eat my dinner, do my school work while juggling my son and then its off to bed. That's what my life is all about and I work hard for every school work that is put out for me and at the same time I have to make sure I have an extra attention span for Athan. What annoys me is when people don't realize the hardship I go through. Just because they forgot the assignment and its the deadline already and we happen to be friends, doesn't make it OKAY for you to ask for my work. I juggle being a student during the day while I transform into a Mom at night. Students like him don't even realize how hard it is for me unlike him, when he gets home all he worries about is forgetting his homework, but not fretting because he can just copy from someone else.

Food for thought. When you work hard for something, you don't just give it away for other people to feed on. You cling on to it and beam with gladness that it is yours and you know you did well. I am not selfish with my school work, but there is a reason why they call it HOMEWORK, right? and we're college students, we should know our responsibilities. I hope that this person will understand why I don't tolerate him to copy what I tried to work hard for. I take time in doing my homework, time that should be for my son. Now you know why I don't just simply allow you to copy because if I'm capable the more you should be.

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