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by - January 25, 2009

I just love the weekends don't you?:) Its the time where in I spent all of my day with my two beloved boys, my son and Wubie. We always make it a point that we spend every weekend in each others company and that we spend it by going out or at least have a family bonding at home because we want Athan to grow up in a happy family environment.

Yesterday we had our family bonding together with Wubie's folks at Greenhills and it was really fun. I discovered how good Wham burger was through Wubie and now, I think I like it better than Jollibee's Yum burgers.=P Because Wham burger grills their burgers and their patties are big and juicy unlike other fast food burgers they seem filled with too much mayonnaise and unhealthy stuffs. Then we went shopping around shopsville and Wubie's Mom got me a pair of Crocs, which was an absolutely wish come true for me because I always wanted a cute pair of Crocs and now I finally have one! I got myself a pair of brown Malindi and Its really comfy on the feet.

Aside from the Crocs, Wubie's Mom also took me trinket shopping. Its so amazing how she always tolerates my weak spots.:) She knows how much I love trinkets thats why whenever we go out its like she always makes sure that we shop for trinkets. She's the same as Wubie. Wubie also tolerates everything I like and he also adds up to my collection and speaking of collection, I bet some of you are wondering how much trinkets I already have since I love them so much. Well, here it is--

My trinket/charm collection!:) My Mom's also starting to tolerate my liking for trinkets because there's a Mister Donut at Taipei and they have this promo that if you gain 10 points from the donuts you buy, you get a free trinket and my Mom and Aunt is eating tons of donuts just for me!:) Napapakain raw sila ng donut everday! Hehe. I love them for that!

After our family bonding we went around a bit. Athan also rode some kiddy rides at V-mall and he loved it so much!:) We thought he was going to cry, but he didn't. Such a good baby.

(Athan looking @ the monkey)
and after we talked for awhile then, we said our good-byes with Wubie's parents. All in all it was a great family day.:) I hope for a great one again next week.

I have new stuffs up for sale on my site, please check 'em out! KNICKKNAXX!:)
How about you, guys, How was your weekend?:)
Do you know about Wham Burger or what's your fave there?
What do like collecting?:)
Do you like Crocs?:)

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