Wake me up when 3rd term ends

by - January 09, 2009

Its already the third trimestral for all La salle students and its quite sad that I'm no longer with my second term friends and all of them are in different buildings now, particularly SDA and AKIC and me staying in MAIN just feels sorta gloomy plus now I can't have Wubie with me all the time because he's a graduate and he doesn't have to go to school anymore. That's why I can't get the sadness off my mind. Picture this, every time I go to school now I always have the dilemma on who I can be with during my break time because I'm not really the kind of person who's fond of being alone and none of my classmates in a subject are the same set as my other subjects. Every class I go to I can't see any familiar faces. I miss my friends so badly. I miss Kim's noise, Drea, Paula, Jana always there to hang out with and chitchats going on now, its just silence. But I have to face the reality of college that its not all the time you'll have permanent friends with you. I guess I can just divert my alone time on my academics, after all that's the main reason why we all go to school, but I can't help but think that my friends play a big role in my contentment in school. Hayy, its just the beginning of third term. I hope it gets better for me soon...

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