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by - January 05, 2009

Hello guys! Super sorry for the lack of updating for such a long time and for not returning comments as often as I could. I've been really busy this holiday season because of all the family bonding and just yesterday we had our sorta traditional trip to the amusement park. Usually we would go to Star city since its close by our place, but this time we opt for another park which was none other than Enchanted Kingdom and it was nice because first its been 5 years since my last visit there and second its Athan's first ever trip to an amusement park so, it was really exciting for me and the family. My cousin, Wubie and I rode almost all the rides, but my cousins and I were the only ones who got soo hyped up with the Anchor's away. We rode it three times in a row! And we also rode the Space Shuttle which I would not be riding anytime soon because I had a bad case of wanting to vomit and head ache after the ride. I felt like my mind was being shaken up into a margarita when I was on the ride! Oh, Also Athan had his first ever amusement park ride at the mini choo choo train for kids and the Boulderville section of EK and also at the carousel!:) Kids below 1 year old I think are not allowed on the ride especially Athan he's just 7 months old, but I think the operator thought he was 1 year old and because he was soo well behaved at the ride and soo cute! We truly did enjoy every bit of the park plus God also showered us with good with weather when we went there because as you all know the weather lately has been fickle and praise God that it was bright and sunny yesterday.

Oh yah, and remember my last entry about wanting a beanie so badly? Guess who ended up having one???=P Courtesy of his Daddy! He looks handsome with a beanie, don'tcha think?:) We got it from EK at only php 120 and the quality isn't bad at all. I thinks its even similar to DC beanies, which BTW I did end up finding a beanie at Greenbelt 5's Brat pack, but its price was too much for a beanie. It costed php 1290-php 1500. It was branded yeah, but that was too much. Not practical. I'd go for php300-5oo, but not 1K and above. What do you, guys think will you go for a high price just to get something you want badly or would you just wait to find something better yet reasonable?

*OH DO YOU LIKE THE NEW LAYOUT?:) I only like simple layouts so, I hope it looks alright.

P.S. my online store is finally open! please do visit KNICKKNAXX!

Gah, I just remembered after tomorrow I'm once again back to school. I still don't want to come back, but harsh reality just makes you. But I'm just happy that every time I come home from school, I come home to this. The best stress reliever in the world because its priceless. :)

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