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by - February 10, 2009

I got a lot of tags regarding this 25 random things in my Facebook account so, I decided to jump right in the bandwagon, because it looked fun. Come and join as well if you're not doing anything!:)

1.) Ever since I was a kid I had this strong passion for art. I would be into painting canvases, to doodling on my notebooks, sketching my very own clothing design, creating designs for my dream accessory line and I always made my friends or relatives hand-made, all from scratch birthday cards or Christmas cards. I am just sad though that I am not in an ART related course--don't ask why.

2.) I am drawn to anything that is cute. I have this obsession for trinkets (key chains, mobile charms, voodoo dolls, popobes etc.) I currently have a box from my Wubie filled with my eye candy trinkets and will continue to fill it up until I can no longer close it, perhaps.

3.) I was always the sickly kid at around age 1-12 years old. I wasn't allowed to run and play "habul-habulan, langit lupa and patintero" with my neighbors, because of the fear that my Mom and grandmother had that I might any minute get an asthma attack. Which was why when I reached 7th grade I vowed I would be no longer the weakling-- entered lawn tennis as my primary P.E.

4.) I super love shoes. I more into doll shoes than I am into heels. Though lately I've been drooling for a pair of People are People heels. I think I own about 33 pairs of shoes, which is why Wubie calls me, "Imelda II."

5.) For me, Voodoo dolls are love! They may look weird and ugly for some, but not for me. I think the person who made them is very creative and knows what he/she is doing. I especially like the ones from Bangkok called, "SAAN HA."

6.) When I taste a certain food/ drink for the first time and like it, I would always eat or drink the same thing for consecutive days. One example would be my affinity for ZAGU and ZEN TEA. If it was not bad for my health to drink something with so much sugar everyday, I would!

7.) My close friend Paula once said that I seem to be picky when it comes to choosing friends, but when they do become my friend, I'll treasure them forever. She tells the truth.

8.) Seeing normal people dress in an odd/unique way or people who seems like they're getting ready to go down the runway are my idol. I admire them for not being afraid of what others might think of them or what others will say. They're fabulous and never silly for me. They have creative minds and I give kudos to them. I hope I could be more like them and get out in the casual light just a little.

9.) I am a sensitive person, oh how true. I get so upset when you say something really awful about me or have done something, but once the sincere apologize is uttered, I easily give in.

10.) I love my friends so much. I always thought to myself that friends are forever, friendship can never be broken. Broken hearts will always be mended, but after having my beautiful son I suddenly realize that not all you call, FRIENDS are truly what they're called. Some are just a big facade that are only there for you in times of gladness.

11.) Sushi, pasta and potatoes are my ultimately loved foods. I can live off them for the rest of my days.

12.) Twelve is my all time favorite number because its my official number with Wubie and we've been celebrating our monthsaries for about 20 months now and we love each other very much. Sticking by each other through thick and thin.

13.) Declining sweets is my forte. When I was a kid I can barely finish a snickers bar. My mom had to get me the minis one just so I wouldn't throw the left over. I do get cravings once in awhile, but what I love most about sweets are the non-edible ones. I adore cute cupcake designs that they make into stickers, trinkets or stationary, but you can't make me eat a real one.

14.) I miss traveling. Its been 2 years since my last trip to any where. I've been to only 3-4 countries so far and I can't wait to explore more when I get the chance. I wanna sulk up in the different cultures each country has to offer.

15.) I wanted to be a model before so, badly, but now I realized I want to be their designer.

16.) Being a mother I feel blessed that I had Athan early. I don't regret anything now and will never regret anything in the future. He showed me what true love is and I will always be proud of him. Some people asked me before, "what if given the chance to have my life back and not have Athan yet, would I take it?" NO. I would not take it. I couldn't possibly imagine life without him now and I love every second-minute-hours and days with him. He's the greatest blessing God has ever given me and Wubie. He's something that not everyone can have.

17.) I hate hypocrites. I will never tolerate having them around me, because I want people who really want me, not someone who's just pretending.

18.) I'm a scaredy cat. I curl up and panic when darkness comes. I always have a night light on and hate black outs.

19.) Writing is my partner. It has been all my life. Especially when blogging came out..I became really active and making sure I always update my site.

20.) I dream and can't wait to be dubbed and called, "MRS. ZABAT."

21.) Whenever I'm sad or depressed, shopping is the best therapy for me.

22.) Green Mangoes and corn on a cob are the best cheap food thrill for me.

23.) I'm not like most girls. I can leave the house without taking a mirror, brush/ comb with me and I only comb my hair at least thrice a day. Not into vanity, which explains why I always can't accomplish having a more fashionista feel to my look..I always go for the laid back approach.

24.) I'm about to turn 20, yet I cannot deny that I'm still a child at heart. I hope to bring up my son with the same heart because I believe when someone is young at heart, your belief in life never dies. The drive just pushes you through.

25.) Stick me with cockroaches and flies, just don't get a lizard 10 inches close to me. I want all of them to go away!

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