God is good at all times

by - February 08, 2009

Hi, guys! Sorry If I haven't been blog hopping as frequently as before. Its really hard to since I'm just using my PC and its quite slow, so please bear with me if I only get to blog hop once in awhile. I hope you'll still visit me.:) I'll try my very best to make it up! Thank you!

Anyway, for my update. I really think these things are cute. I love the ones with the cherry and daisy on top of their heads. They're called Spider Baby Boom and I love how they turned the usual ugly looking spiders into really colorful and cute ones. I hope that I can have the CHEERYBOOM, BIINGABOOM and DAISYBOOM. That reminds me, its almost Valentines day and maybe someone out there would be sweet enough to get me one box of Baby Boom spiders. *WinkWink*..=P Hahaha. 6 more days! Should I be excited or not?:) We'll see!

God was extra good to me today. I don't want to say way because it is just between me and him. Thank you so much, God. What you did meant the world ( in my case that is) Thank you. I am so amazed that all I can utter is thank you. Thank you for the remaining good people in this world. I hope that a lot of us can be like them and may more blessings be sh0wered to those who help without asking for anything in return.

*Are you excited for V-day?:) Do you have plans?
*What's your favorite thing right now?:)
*And did God do something for you that you will never forget?:)

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