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by - February 01, 2009

Its the weekend again and what does that mean? FAMILY DAY!:) we went to Rustan's Shangrila today to pick out a toy for Athan because his Ninong Louis gave him a gift certificate worth php 500 and we turned out not getting him a toy, but two toys!:) Toys nowadays are so expensive, but we're still happy that we were able to get him two. (Thanks, Ninong Louis!) After Shangrila we went to Don Bosco Technical College, Mandaluyong for their annual fair. Wubie studied there in high school so it was a good visit for him. The fair was packed with a lot of girls and some boys trying to show off their dates.=P I loved their fair because it somehow reminded me of my high school's fair, ULTIMATE FOOD TRIP!:) That's what's mainly composed of our fair. Not much rides or booths you can buy stuffs from, but we're pretty rich when it comes to food booths. Hehe. Anyway, so yah DBTC's fair was good and its my first fair outside of my school so it was a nice experience, BUT there was one thing that bothered me the whole time and that was this--

It looks like there's this huge ink bite mark on my wrist or The Ring movie and I never really understood why they used the bottom of an ink bottle as an entrance STAMP ??? They could have at least gotten a smaller one or fuller not something that has this huge bare hole in the middle. I guess I'm quite O.C. but it really does look hideous.=P I hope next year the boys will come up with something a little less distracting.;)

Well, that was our family day for this week and I really did enjoy it and I can't wait for our next one.:) Have a great Sunday, guys!

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How was your weekend?:)
Have you been to other school fairs aside from your school?:)

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