I miss you already

by - February 01, 2009

Okay! So, as some of you guys know my MacBook, Noodle crashed and I have to wait 3 freakin' months just for it to get fixed because I got Noodle from Taiwan and the people there said to my Mom that if I get it fixed here in Manila and if any part gets changed and gets broken again by the time I'm there, they would not fix it, thinking that it was already damaged and its under warranty so, they want to make sure that all parts are still 100% from Taiwan. Hayy, quite sad really. I wasn't expecting it to just stop working one day. Wubie tried to help me fix it, but no luck. We all just have to wait.=( BUT, the good news is that I still have my personal computer by my side and I will be able to blog even if my Noodle is temporarily unavailable. So, don't expect a hiatus from me any time soon. :) Well, that's all for now, guys. Just wanted to express my mild depression about Noodle. I have to work on my Aesthetics report now. Have a good night!:)

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