by - March 28, 2009

Hey, guys!:) Its officially Saturday already and I missed everyone and blogging sooo much!:) Thank you for the people who still payed me a visit even though I clearly was not a good blog hopper, but now I'm back and ready to take over because I'm done with my 3 projects and I only have 1 to worry about. Hayy, I really want school to end because of my POLIGOV teacher. Remember in my previous entries? The teacher that shouted at me infront of class? Well, she did it again. How? We had a group work. You know how sometimes in college when the teacher tells you to group up and you really don't know thet people around you and worst is they have their own cliques? Well, that's what happened to me and Prashant. We tried to listen to our groupmates even though this girl was only paying serious attention to her circle of friends. I was hoping since she was acting out like our leader that she would ask us for suggestions or make us form a circle, but she didn't. She even sat at the very back where I found it harder to communicate with her. So, I just remained seated and kept quiet and waited to be told what I could do. We weren't able to present our work because the bell rang, but before that, my prof decided to announce people whom she thinks "doesn't care" about the grouping. She gave her remarks about the others and mine was, "Si Ms. Te sulat lang ng sulat sa notebook niya and walang pakealam.." I was blown away by what she said. I felt so hurt, because not in my whole life, even in my weak subjects did I hear a remark like that from my teachers. I felt so bad, but again, the person that I am shrugged it off, but let me tell you, Ms. POLIGOV. If I didn't care so much about your subject I wouldn't be coming to class every MWF now would I? and I wouldn't bother getting a 80+ if I didn't CARE. No matter how many times you get mad at me, it won't stop me from performing good. Just goes to show you that you do meet DIFFERENT kinds of people in college.

Speaking more about school. I have morning breaks during my MWF classes and I love Mcdo's breakfast!:) Lately I've been eating their Big breakfast meal which serves sausage, scrambled egg and muffin with strawberry jam. I super love it. Its worth the Php 81 I pay for and it comes with my favorite orange juice drink. I seriously like Mcdo's orange juice over KFC's. KFC's OJ tastes like it really did come from powder. After breakfast I also have vanilla ice cream!:) *YUM! YUM!* Can't wait for monday? Haha.

Anyway, to relieve my stress off. We went to San Miguel by the bay today and ate at The Cruise because it was a celebration for my cousin who officially graduated from high school and is off to a new horizon in college. CONGRATULATIONS, SHEENNA!:) More success in life and do good in school!

I was surfing awhile ago and tried window shopping when I saw the POPJUNKLOVE store and they have these cute camera necklace that looks retro-vintage. I want the hot pink with the green clicker. They sell it at Php 180 and if you're a photographyfanatic, I think its a steal. :) If you want to see it closer or check their other items just go and click the link above and it'll take you to the products. ENJOY!:)

Weekend means rest, so till next time! I bid you adieu!:) Good night, ya'll..este MORNING!:)

How was your week?
Did anyone in your family graduate this March?
What's your favorite breakfast meal?

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