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by - April 04, 2009

At last I've been to TRINOMA!:) Yes, I'm a loser I haven't been to Trinoma in the past, because it being sooo far away, but because I badly wanted a different venue for our family day we finally gave it a visit. First thing we did there was eat at Taco bell( Thank you so much, Wubie for the treat! SULIT! Love you!) and I must compliment the value meal they have there. Super good and at a low cost. Whatever you see on their advertisment is what you really get upclose, because you know how some looks really good on the menu/ picture, but when serve to you its either the meal won't satisfy your tummy due to the small servings (but looks super full on the menu) or you'll just feel bad that you ordered it and hope for something else. Kudos to Taco Bell for their great food and service!:)

After eating we headed to the store I badly wanted to see--Analog Soul. I've been into handmade products since I could remember and Analog Soul provides the items that I want from Kira Ramirez of Earthly Delights. She's a big supporter of nature and is super creative with making handmade goodies. My top 3 favorite from her store is--

1.) Her hand painted limited neck pieces
2.) Her voodoo dolls made out of scrap materials
3.) The uber cute refillable handmade notebooks
BTW, her notebooks are purely handmade. From the cover of the notebook down to the faces of the popsicles, they're all handmade. She actually used ballpen from what I saw for the faces. Don't be fooled though, even though they're handmade, Kira makes sure that the quality of the items purchased are at its 100% quality. I assure you, you won't be sorry!;) Click the link for more product samples.

Finals are coming up real fast and so is my birthday!:) I wonder how I'll be spending it? Hmm..all I care about is being able to celebrate it, no fancyshmancy things needed. As long as I become a year older and become wiser. :) 17 DAYS MORE!

Oh, yeah before I forget Jessica shared in her blog about a site called Polyvore and I've started making fashion experiments with it and so far this is what I've accomplished--amature. :P

in wonderland
in wonderland by ichigopop featuring GUESS? watches

Lastly, I have a new favorite Filipino artist named KRISTINE OPLADO and her digital artworks make me go bananas! Its unique and colors screaming all over her work. Super idol! All I can say is, Love at first sight.
What's your favorite cusine?
Are you interested in handmade stuffs?
Are you on summer vacation already?


Here's a dose of Lady Gaga (I'm going Katy Perry on LADY GAGA!:P)

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