by - March 22, 2009

The thing I hate about trying to control my shopping urges is when I turn around something nice really catches my attention. Like, today I made my daily visit to Ms. Jenni Epperson's site and the charm bracelet immediately caught my heart. An uber kyoot bracelet with a fortune cookie charm at JO Greenbelt 3 and now I REALLY want to have one!:( I just don't know if they still have it though? Because usually when I want something it ends up being sold out or unavailable. Plus, I don't exactly know how much it is and if the price is generous enough for my pockets. UGH! Why does shopping have to be sooo addicting??? Its a vital disease that's eating me up slowly. Hay, Lord help me or better yet, someone take me to JO's and maybe get it for me??:) Hahaha. That way I can say, I didn't spend on anything! Joke.=P But, yeah on the serious note I hope I really get the chance to have that fortune cookie bracelet. :) *Wishful thinking...* My birthday's coming up...*AHEM*..birthday..turning 20 this April..*AHEM* Lol.=P

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