shopaholic takes a break

by - March 17, 2009

I hate it when temptation gets the best out of me, because when it does its hard to reel me back in and forget the whole thing. What temptation is that? SHOPPING. I'm a kid who is well brought up by my Mother and grandparents. I have no vices and I don't tolerate peer pressure. I can say I'm quite good at ignoring them even though I'm surrounded by smokers in college five times a week. But shopping is the kind of addiction that a lot of girls find hard to get away from and obviously shopping doesn't have rehab. I watched The Tyra show before and the show was about shopping as an addiction and the women there spend their money, their credit cards until its all maxed out and leaving not only them in debts, but their husbands as well. One woman there even had 3 closets just to fill it up with clothes she doesn't even use and still has price tags on them.

I am a shopaholic, I do confess that, but I'm not like Rebecca Bloomwood who freezes her credit card and treats every item as love at first sight and of course I'm not going to wait for that to happen, because lately I can see myself wanting every little cute thing I see and I should control myself, because I should save up for the rainy days and think twice about getting these things. In order for that to happen I have to ask myself these things, #1- Am I actually gonna use it when I buy it?, #2- Is the price practical enough?, #3- is it useful for me? and #4- Do I REALLY want it or is it just my impulse talking? So, you see there are a lot of factors to think about first before buying a certain thing. From now on that's what I want to keep in mind and I want to relieve myself from buying stuffs. Not unless they're given to me by other people as gifts, but to spend money from my own pocket? Not now. I want to put my money into good use. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE is my motto for now.

I hope that as I end this entry I can also start anew by saving up as I planned , keeping my hands away from my pockets in times of impulse and from here on out, Shopaholic takes a break. :)

Do you have a piggy bank? Are you into shopping A LOT? Can you control yourself from buying something you REALLY want?

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