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by - April 28, 2009

I love Taiwan food that I cannot deny. Food is one thing that I cannot lay my hands off when it comes to spending and I don't mind trekking different places here in Taipei just to taste the yummy foods available here. Like one place we went to last Monday called, "MEET FRESH." Its a dessert place that serves different kinds of jelly on ice. Think of it as halo-halo, but pure jellos only. My mom and I have been going crazy over it for the past week and it certainly makes my after dinner taste buds rejoice!:)

It has black jelly mostly in it, together with yellow jellos and you top it off with milk to make the dessert creamy. Even if its below 20 degrees here, my mom and I never fail to have it. Its too good to pass. I'll definitely miss this when I go back to Manila. *Sigh*

Another food location we went on was not for the food, but for the funny experience. This place was located at Shilin's night market in Taipei and its called, "MODERN TOILET RESTO." Just by the name its obvious what would be instore for you. You need to have strong guts in order to last long in the place and not to mention how their food is served.

Sinks for table, toilets for seats and tissue holders to wipe your mouth with!


(BTW, I ended up not finishing it..haha)

The food there wasn't really all that. My verdict was a 5 out of 10 for the dessert. I don't know though about the toilet bowl meals though? I think they're good because a lot order them. But for experience sake I wouldn't trade it for good food during that time. It was a spontaneous thing to do and its better to try rather than let the opportunity of me being here and seeing it slip away. There are only limited entertaining restaurants like this one, so if any of you, guys get the chance to come to Taipei, don't forget to visit Shilin's night market, ditch fine dining and head to Modern toilet resto!:) They have cheap food--HOT pots, and funny entertainment waiting for you and you just have to wonder, TO EAT OR TO PEE??:P Visit their website for more info!:)

What restaurants have been to lately?

Do you like entertainment with food?

Would you try Modern toilet if it were in your place?

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