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by - May 04, 2009

Its already the summer month of May and sorry I haven't posted anything yet, but I'm making up for now and this post will be all about shopping!:) But first, last May 1st it was labor day and my mom's 46th birthday and I'm really glad we were able to celebrate it by going to different parks, like Shilin residences that is a garden and a park where we were able to feed large japanese koi fishes. It was amazing. That's why I love Taiwan. They never fail to have too many parks.

For my shopping post, I love it every time I go to Taiwan because my mother never fails to take me to great shopping locations like, my ultimate favorite Shilin night market where you can find cheap yet worthy-reasonable buys. Last week and yesterday we headed there to shop a bit for school since we don't exactly have uniforms and I need tons of clothes to avoid wearing the same outfit a lot. That's why the night market is the best place to get clothes. Something that won't rip your pockets! So, Last week and yesterday I got a few pieces of graphic tees and they were sold for NT$ 150-200 each---

Plus, I got a new baby from Converse at night market too!:) My last low cut chucks were already too grimy to look at according to my mom, so she volunteered to buy me a new pair. *Lucky, lucky!* and when I saw a pair of chucks that had cupcakes on them, it was pure love! *Be still my beating heart!*
I'm a sucker for cupcakes so much that the first time I saw the shoes---

AVA: OH MY MOM!=O *shocked*
MOM: OH WHY?? *worried why I gasped so loud*
AVA: Cupcakes...=) *Teehee*
MOM: Hahaha Akala ko naman kung ano! You like cupcakes talaga noh?:)

And of course if there are clothes, I can never leave stores without a few trinkets to add to my collection!:)

These 3 pieces however did not come from the night market. They came from a store here called
ESLITE. Eslite is a bookstore that is filled with different things from books to furniture to clothes and cute stuffs. I think its only found here in Taiwan and so far for me aside from National bookstore, its one of the best bookstores around!:) The items above is from E*Group handmade rag doll. Their designs are more on felt materials and their stuffs made me have a kyoootness overload! Their website unfortunately isn't running yet, so I can't share the link, but I hope the picture on the left side would suffice for a little glimpse of what they sell.:) They have really cute items, but the price is to steep for the pocket, because one small cell charm would cost about NT$ 420, so not really for the people who are trying to save, but if its your birthday, go right ahead!:) I was lucky enough to be able to get the keychain lollipop, zebra mobile carrier and BTW that bear charm isn't mine. Its my son's-ATHAN. His Momsie got him a trinket too!

Another great shopping item I got is a strawberry fruit can sing speaker from Decor Host. You just plug your iPod, walkman or computer and there you have it! Music and pillow all in one!:) My mom found this for me way before we got to Taiwan. She's my kyoot finds buddy. Hehe.

Last but not the least, we went shopping at my favorite clothing store, MANGO. I love how mango make's all their clothings versatile to use. They have tops that match with other clothes they have and tops that you can place as undertops for other outfits.

This, indeed was the best shopping trip ever! I can't wait for summer '10!:) If you, guys come here to Taiwan, do visit these places and for sure you'll enjoy if you're into cute stuffs like me. Sorry for the uber long post! This has been long over due and I decided to just combine all the shopping I did instead of just making one post after post about it. So, enjoy the remaining weeks of summer and hope I didn't bore you, guys with this! More Taiwan entries to come, hopefully!:)

How's your summer so far?

When was the last time you went shopping?

What did you last purchase?

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