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by - June 24, 2009

School has been good to me so far this week and thankfully I haven't felt lazy to wake up early, despite the fact that the gloomy weather make's me want to stay all snuggled up in bed. You have to admit, it takes a lot of effort to pull yourself out of bed at 6AM in the morning, especially if today was suppose to be a holiday-Manila day. But oh well, it's better that we have regular classes today rather than having classes on a saturday. :)

Moving on, lately I've been posting on my Tumblr again and even though I have this maintain-only-one-blog-rule, Tumblr just never fails to amuse me with all the funny, cute, weird entries and not to mention easy posting. I love Blogspot, don't get me wrong. It's just nice having a site where I can randomly post things without having to think of a long entry to go with the pictures or videos. But on the other hand, Blogspot is very personal for me. It's not like Tumblr that most of the things posted there can be found on other people's page. Still, I love both sites and I plan to keep Tumblr alive and running through posting cutesy stuffs. :)

Oh! Have you seen the new music video by Aqua? I was such an Aqua fan as a kid. Yes, all that "I'm a barbie girl-life is plastic-it's fantastic" thing. :P And finally after so many years, they released, BACK TO THE 80'S

I love their new song, because of the interesting lyrics. It's all about the 80's and personally, I think the 80's was awesome: the Breakfast club, Pretty in Pink, Barbie, Michael Jackson, Converse and Cabbage Patch kids and fortunately I was born on the last year of the 80's- 1989, baby!:) I wish I could bring back all the memories of when I was a kid. I know I grew up in the 90's, but I will always love the 80's. :) if you're interested-- Only the 80's.

What year were you born?
We're you ever an Aqua fan?
What do you remember about the 80's?

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