by - June 19, 2009

I know classes officially started for DLSU and DLS-CSB a month ago, but because of the H1N1 incident, our school(CSB) suspended classes last June 9 and only re-opened today and the first people who would usually greet us are the guards who check our bags with their little sticks. But this time upon entry to our campus, not only do we get our bags checked, but they arm us with pocket alcohol and a pin that says, "SHOO THE FLU." That's the primary motto of our school now and I believe in every institute as well.

I cannot believe how much things changed since the virus attacked the Philippines. I can't even go to school the whole day without washing my hands all the time, getting scared when I get too close to the people in the LRT and now, because of the 7 days worth of meetings we missed all our national holidays and maybe weekends will be taken away from us. I honestly consider H1N1 to be an enemy of students, because first of all, we commute with a lot of people, we mingle with friends and classmates and ultimately it's inevitable not to be in contact with other people. Thankfully though most of the 300+ infected people are getting better and no one has died. I just hope that the 2nd wave that their talking about doesn't hit our country anymore. It's too much and it's bothering me. I want to be cautious. I don't want to bring any nasty virus to our home. That is why I bring more than just alcohol outside. I have wipes and liquid soap incase public C.R.'s don't have any. It's never bad to be extra cautious when in public. If we want to maintain good health doing extra moves is the only way.

So, If your in school, the office or just out for the day, don't forget to bring the necessary sanitation to protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus. Lets help in keeping the growing number of H1N1 victims to a stop.



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