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by - June 07, 2009

I don't know if you, guys have noticed, but I managed to change my header. It's still simple, yet I find it more appealing now than before. I love the font and thankfully, my MacBook Noodle provides such unique fonts for me to try out. :) Hope you like it.

So, what to blog today? Well, these past few days, I'm home bound, because I was experiencing chest pains and I think asthma at the same time, so the people in my household suggested for me to rest this weekend instead of the usual going out and with that notion, I just rested my tush and decided to surf for cute stuffs, which is like a kid on a trip to the candy store for me. :p During my search I stumbled upon these cutesy pieces---

These are handmade pieces by artist Ms. Cristina of Am Sew Happy. She make's wonderful felt creations, which I adore very much. She's new to the online business, but already has some of her works up for sale, if your interested. It's affordable and it's just one click away!:)

Oh Also, my favorite online store, Earthly Delights is putting up her handmade voodoo babies for adoption. If you want something that looks unique, cute and weird all at the same time, then these babies will surely make a good companion. The two babies on the left by the way, is Cornelius and Presto. They are the kyoooot voodoo babies that I adopted and if you want one of your own there are more to choose from. so come on give them a new home, ADOPT A VOODOO BABY NOW!:)

I really love handmade goodies, because I believe it take's a lot of thought, love and effort when it's being made, you get a unique buy, plus you get to support independent artists whenever you purchase or promote their products. I think designer items have had too much limelight in our industry and it's just but right to give the handmade products the spotlight. That's why someday if I get the opportunity to have my own business, I want to sell handmade items from Filipino indie artists or some of my own designs as well. LETS SUPPORT HANDMADE!:)

Are you into handmade stuffs?
Handmade or machine-made?
Do you support indie artists?

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