Love sick

by - July 02, 2009

Hello July!:) It's been officially 6 days since I last wrote an entry and it was all because I was down with the flu. No, people it's not the wide spread A(H1N1), it's just your typical flu. My son Athan had throat sores last week and he got a fever of 39 degrees together with it. Such a poor thing, he kept crying and couldn't even eat properly. That's why we brought him to the E.R. and Thank God that nothing else was wrong with him. The only bad part was, his grandma, his dad and I caught the fever and was sick for 3 days. Right now, we're feeling much better. It feels awful to be sick!:( I still have this dry cough and clogged nose and I hate it. I can't eat any cold desserts and that's agonizing. I drool at the very sight of Gelato ice cream and Mais con yelo, but I just have to bear with dry desserts such as cake until I get better. Hayy,

To the people who are sick, GET WELL SOON!:) (especially, Wubie!)


Sorry for the lack of blog hopping. I promise to visit all your lovely blogs again soon!:D

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Thank you so much for reading my blog and for leaving lovely comments. Will also try my best to drop by your blogs!:) xo

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