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by - July 05, 2009

Everybody love's a bargain and who can resist? I know I can't. :p I love bargain's especially when I'm on a budget or low in moolah, because you don't always have to stick to branded stuffs just to say you've got a "great buy." Even though it is seldom to have quality with low-priced items, I believe that you just need to have a keen eye and the patience to find the hidden treasure.

One store that I believe have great buys is SM department store. Yesterday we had our family day there and found Athan this cute little t-shirt that has a knapsack embedded on it--

And the price was only Php 200. It has good quality and of course a cute design. Wubie made no second thoughts and immediately got it for our little boy. :) I can't to try it on him! I bet he'll love it, because now he has a "knapsack-shirt" to keep his pacifier in. :p

Another item we got is these two really cute doll imitation of Tokidoki's Moofia--

Meet Latte and Strawberry milk

I've always wanted to get these two characters inside the blind box at Hobbes and Landes, but during my first try I wasn't so lucky and from then on I stopped buying, because of how expensive it was per box. (Php 500) At least now thanks to Wubie with these palm-sized keychains I don't have to guess, not disappointing, it's inexpensive selling at Php 50 each and at the same time get to have the characters I like from the Moofia. :)

Just goes to show that there's always a chance to find nice things at very affordable prices and SM proves that. :)

Where do you like to go for bargain hunting?
Are you an SM baby?
What bargain item have you bought lately?

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