paint the town red

by - July 30, 2009

I did a lot of painting back when I was younger. I remember how frequent I would ask my mom to make a trip to the National Bookstore or any bookstores just to get new sets of paint, Whether they be acrylic, poster paint or water color. But as usual our childhood habits often fade when we reach a certain point in life we call--BUSY. Being busy often ruins what we love doing during our spare time and it's truly inevitable to be busy. Luckily though last term I had Aesthetics class where I got to express my love for art. If I remember correctly we did four sets of painting and personally my paintings weren't that amusing to look at, because we only had 30 minutes to think of what we're gonna draw and paint at the same time. That's kinda short for me, so I rarely come up with good works, but among all the paintings I did, this one is my favorite---
This painting was for our perspective activity and I decided to make the beach. The sand, water and sky. The reason why I love this painting is that I don't use water color that often, nor am I good with sceneries and the sky was painted flawless by mistake--I was such in a hurry to finish on time, because I had only 5 minutes to paint and dry it at the same time, so I just painted white, blue and light blue on the paper ITSELF and thought it was chaos and it showed while it was wet and I didn't care, I just wanted to submit it on time. When my prof returned it the following week all dried up, I was surprise to see that it turned out well!:) And I was really proud of my work. For once I achieved a scenery piece after so many years of not painting and that painting is still with me, displayed on my study table.

I guess it's never too late to try again what we loved doing before. It's just a matter of time and our willingness to commit to it. If you want it, never quit. :)

What was your past time as a child?
Do you find paintings interesting?
What's your ambition as a kid?

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  1. that is cute.. actually, i never really learned how to use the watercolor as a child.. or even until now... haha! i'm not really good with colors.. a charcoal will do for me..

    What was your past time as a child? -i draw. i even joined an art club before.. hahaha.. nostalgia!!

    Do you find paintings interesting?

    What's your ambition as a kid?
    -i've always wanted to be an engineer :)

  2. Aww, thats true. Life gets busier and busier . The only painting I do nowadays is for art assignments. Ugh ><"

    My past time as a child was playing in the backyard with my dog. I dont get to do that much anymore! Paintings are very very interesting, i love going to art galleries. As a kid, I wanted to be famous. Lols.


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