update 194

by - July 27, 2009

This week has been quite topsy turvy for me. I've been in such a lazy mood to update even though I badly wanted to, I still abandoned blogging for a week. Anyway, to make things short I'm doing this in bullet form:
  • I've been doing a bit of work for my online store- Knick Knaxx lately and I managed to update some of the accessories and I hope that you would have the time to take a look and maybe fancy something. :)
  • The midterms in our school has finally ended and I am glad to say that I did not fail anything, but I have to strive a little more in the finals for me to maintain a 2.0-2.5 GPA.
  • My haloscan comment provider has decided to just give up on me and erased ALL as in ALL the comments that I've received from you guys for the past months and now I'm currently stuck with blogger comments. Better than nothing right?
  • Finally watched Transformers Revenge of the fallen last July 16 and I think it was a pretty good substitute movie for Harry Potter, because originally that was our planned movie, but seeing Transformers 2 was great, I love their soundtrack. :)
  • I super can't wait for my ear candy baby bottle!:) Wubie's going to give it to me for our 26th monthsary on August 12.
  • I discovered last weekend for our family brunch that I have a talent at flipping pancakes. :P Thank you, Wubie for that. Hehehe.
  • I'm dreaming of INDIGO or LITTLE BLUE. :)
  • Yesterday even though the rain kept pouring we had our dinner at Hong Kong chef with my cousins and went around SM Sucat for their weekly grocery and our weekend bonding.
  • Oh! and I made my header bigger. I love it!:) Do you?
  • And I now have a LOOKBOOK account. It's similar to Chictopia. It's a fashion site where you can post your outfits.
So, that's sums up what happened this week and hopefully I'll be able to update something better next time. :) Happy weekday in school or work!:)

How was your weekend?
Do you like naming your things (ex. cameras)?
What's your comment provider?

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  1. Oh so sad about haloscan, whoa i didn't know they deleted comments O_O i used to have haloscan in my blog too. A long weeek huh? Hope you get that 2.0 GPA and me too :-S we're having out Midterm in a week. tsk, take care ate :3

  2. Whoa. Deleted all your comments.

    Hey. I'm planning to buy a touch phone.. are they any good?

    The transformers flick was CRAZY!!! I wanna watch again and again and again..

  3. wow you have an online store :D I was planning to have one too. How is it going? And wow Lookbook. I have Chictopia too :D Add mko :) quirkyqueen :)

  4. Study hard, Ava! I'm sure you'll get to your goal :) Good luck with your grades! I'm worrying about the same thing. Heehee.

    Blogger comment form isn't so bad. It just isn't... nice? LOL a bit too plain, I guess. But at least you're workin' with something ;)

    My phone just broke down on me :( It's my most beloved phone. Unfortunately, I don't think it can be fixed anymore. Damn. I know someone who's selling that LG phone, but I'm not sure if she's still selling it.


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