Happy BER months!:)

by - September 01, 2009

It's officially the beginning of the BER months and you know what that means, only 3 months till christmas and for my entry I want to share with you guys my Christmas wish list:

  1. A Nokia E63. We live in a very techie world now and I've always wanted a phone that has the all in one features such as a camera, QWERTY pads, colored and of course wi-fi. I've had a lot of phones already, but none will ever compare to the E63. It's my dream phone!

  2. Whenever I watch Lady Gaga's Nothing else I can say video I always admire her yellow wrist watch wishing I knew what brand it was, so I could get one myself. I love it's yellow shade and every bit of it. So far Baby-G is the only one who has it.
  3. I seriously want a fisheye lomo camera. I'm not a pro photographer, but I am an artist and I've been drooling over it since last year and I regret not getting it, then again it is quite expensive for a student's budget so I'm just leaving it on the wish list. ;-)
  4. This one is pretty obvious why I want the t-shirt. I don't think I need to explain further. It is sooo ME. Haha. Give away courtesy of THE HEADER.=p

  5. A pair of Era Vans. I totally wish I listened to my mom when she said go for Vans instead of Chucks again. Why did I not listen? Stubborn. I want this color or the red one.
Well, I think that's pretty much it. :) Now I'm curious,
what's on your Christmas wish list?:)

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  1. Hi Ava! Congratulations for being one of the finalists!:) you deserve it.

    Anyway, natuwa naman ako cos you already have your Christmas wishlist! I love the shoes! I want one also, that design and one that comes in gray and green.
    I hope you get most, if not all of them!:)

  2. whooaaa... nice list... cant help but drool as well... my bro also cravin for that cp.. not familiar w/ the features but for me, as long as its wi fi enabled...no questions asked...im gonna grab it...[if i hav the money]

    i cant actually list dwon my xmas wishlist... coz b4 i dream of something i want 2 make sure 1st that i hav the job 2 sustain those!!!:))))

  3. omg i want those stuffs too >.<
    especially the lomo cam! :D we totally have the same kind of wants c:

  4. oh my gosh I almost forgot that sept is the start to remember xmas, Yays happy BER sis..;))
    Love th0se stuff, goodluck hope u`lL get them all. I haven't seen fisheye lomo camera yet, it lOoks pretty cute, hope they c0me in pink.
    Da nokia fone looks like a blacberry f0ne,cool

  5. Ooh. I also want to get an E63, but would like the red one.Ü BER months really give us giddy-kind of feeling. Bloghopping.

  6. MOOLAH. Plain and simple as that hahaha. I'm fine with my phone already :) Hehe. I have no plans of changing my E51 anytime soon haha. Tas may parating pa ako na 6300 na okay naman para sa Sun ko so all good. Hehe.

    Gotta love the shirt, it's SO you nga, Ava :) Go go go! Hope you get all your stuff. Hehe.


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