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by - September 10, 2009

Another term has ended and a new one will be starting in 3 days or so. I really hope I perform better this coming term because I personally think I slacked off a bit this term. I don't want to disappoint my mom by delivering bad grades. I must be good grades all the way. :) So, please pray for me that I may get satisfactory grades tomorrow from our course card giving.

On the brighter side, what I love about new terms is you get to start fresh and do better at what you were bad at before, plus new school stuffs!:) I bought these cute notebooks today and I'm really glad they cost only php 30 each and to think I almost bought only one at php 89!=O Rather save than splurge. That's my motto!:)

Aside from that today was super unplanned yet fun!:) Because I got to do major bonding with my girls, Drei drei and Kimmie! I missed all of our girl talks and fun times. I super love hanging out with them and I'm hoping now Kim's back we can do a lot more bonding. I LOVE MY GIRLS.

Well, that's all for today. :) Must get ready for course cards!:| Yikes! Btw, check out my new project 365, alright?:) and KNICKKNAXX too. Thanks!

How was your day today?
Did you shop for any school stuffs lately?
Do you hang out with your close friends often nowadays?

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  1. yays sis did u own
    That's coOl!, luv th0se stuffs der.
    Nyweis, glad to hear the bright side
    of course shopping f0r new
    stuffs for school is so much FUN..
    th0se notebooks are cute,
    me likin da 2nd one;D

  2. slacking off is just too hard to resist. but then, if we could all just give the fun things up once ine while, we could have something better in return. i dont appreciate my grades din, and i am soo disappointed, i dont know where to start. but then, we could always work hard! ;)

  3. Hay, wala pa pala akong gamit for 2nd term :|

    Sa palad muna ako magsusulat :)) LOLLLL.


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