Inspiration bug, bite me pls.

by - September 24, 2009

I haven't been writing for quite some time now as you can notice and I guess the primary source of that would be my PROJECT 365. I've been so hooked up thinking of ideas to update on it everyday that I seemed to have forgotten my beloved Blogspot. I love my Tumblr and the fact that my 365 thing is doing very well, but I don't really like fact of neglecting this blog. So, I'm gonna try my best to update this more often. :) Starting right now!

Nothing much has been going on aside from the 2nd term beginning for me and I'm trying to do what I can to make my grades better than the last one. I don't expect to be a Dean's lister like I did 3 terms ago, but I do want to maintain a 3.0 GPA in my whole stay in CSB. I have big dreams for my college life you can say. Because that's where my future bosses will determine my capabilities or if I'm competent enough for the job. It's hard at times, because we all tend to get lazy with studying, but we have to start working hard now or else we won't get very far, right?:) So there, hopefully I won't get a grade below 2.0 anymore. :)

Aside from school, some of you guys know that I'm one of the finalists in the Candy Mag's Blog Awards and I'm going to my FIRST ever Candy fair to find out if I'm going to win in my category or not. But like I told Wubie, I don't mind whatever the decision is. Win or Lose, what matters is I made it to the finals and that's already a huge deal for me. :) Btw, only 2 days more till the Candy Fair. Please do continue voting for me for Best Special Interest Blog and Best Overall Blog here. Thank you so much!:) Your votes mean a lot!

Oh! I finally watched Gossip girl season 3 and I love the new twists!:) and another thing that got me interested is GLEE. Never knew it was a good watch up until I tried watching it at Surfthechannel. If you're wondering if you should watch it, I am telling you, watch it!:)

Also, if you've lost someone in your family because of cancer and want to help out people with the same illness, please do check this entry out-- MIOFIGHTSCANCER.COM. And this one for my former classmate and friend--FRANZPANTALEON. They are both very young and have a lot to go through in life. Please help them battle this enemy out of them.

A little update on my accomplishment on the MISS ARTSY FARTSY BAG. Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Sorry for the super random entry! Have a great week, everyone!:)

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  1. Definitely a thumbs up for your bag, Ava :) Oh good luck in the Candy thing. I've never been to those kinds of events but they sure sound fun. Hope you'll have a blast and hope you win, too!

    Also, i've heard a lot about how nice Glee is and all but i've never had the chance to watch it yet. Probably when I get the time I will.

    Project 365 is so hard to maintain but it'd be cool if we could both finish ours, diba? Astig yun! Hehe.

    Good luck with school! Kaya mo yan, just don't give up.


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