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by - September 26, 2009

Today could have been one of the best days of my life—attending the candy fair, seeing who bags the Best blog category, a candy cutie or two and seeing all the wonderful booths. But no. Ondoy decided to crash in our country today and made everyone miserable. Although I am somewhat glad that I stayed home instead of forcing myself to go to school at 8AM today, but I feel sad for everyone who got stranded on their way home and for the students that have to sleep in school, because it would be dangerous for them to tackle the rain. Every place is flooded including our garage. The containers we have our floating as if it were Titanic. It’s sad. :( Right now the rain has stopped. I just hope it continues to be that way.

Is Ondoy because of our carelessness towards the environment? Could it be global warming? I guess it's about time that we step up and take care of what we have left before it's all gone. Let's appreciate and make things work for the better. We all don't want another Ondoy to come our way.

To the people who are still stranded, I hope you get home safely to your families. God bless, everyone!

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  1. Floods can be preventable if everybody (and I am no exception) is doing all the best they can for the environment. Yes it tracks down from small things to big stuffs that people do to the environment.

    Too bad, until to this moment, people are still careless. ):

  2. Wah, same here ate. Dapat pupunta rin ako sa candy fair kaya lang sobrang lakas nga ng ulan. Instead pumunta nalang kami sa Las Pinas para sunduin yung sister ko na nastranded. Kaya lang nastranded din kami dahil sa baha. Nauna pa ngang nakauwi samin si ate. :))

    Anyways, grabe nga yung bagyo sis. Gusto ko nga ding tumulong. Lahat apektado. Swerte pa rin tayo hindi natin naranasang maghintay sa bubong ng bahay para marescue.

  3. Hope you're okay now. And your place too :)


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