Meet C and T!❤

by - November 11, 2009

Found these cute babies at the side of the streets while walking to SDA with Andrea and we just had to stop and take a closer look at them. :) They look so wacky, Wubie even said the arms and legs looked like marshmallows and for only Php 15 each, I snagged the pink one and bought the blue one for Andrea as an advance birthday present. We both couldn't get enough of their hair. It's so out there! Plus we made them a couple. Every November 11 is their Anniversary. Mark your calendars..I lalalove our crazy dolls. Meet C & T!

Make's me miss the times that my Besh Guada, Nickie and I had those mushy matching stuffs up kinda thing. It's one of the best memories and times I've had with my friends and I'm glad I got to share that with Drei today. :) She's one of my first friends in college and former classmate in CSA so I'm really glad she's the person that I'm really close to now. I love ya, Drei and Advance happy birthday!:D Can't wait for Friday! *blow out!*

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  1. marshmallows, indeed :D it's so cute..
    and the anniversary, 11/11 <3 and they're gonna be two years in 111111 :)) cool...

    i'm also glad you found a new friend.. tell her I said Hi :D

  2. whooo... I also have that! bought it last year over the street along mendiola.. mine is a purple one:P

  3. Awwww those are so freakin cuuute! I want one! :(

  4. awwww! i like you because you appreciate little things!<3

  5. sorry for off-topic, dear... but am I no longer you link exchange?:( can't find my link there in the list...*sigh*

    Oooh nice dolls! x3 too bad they were left on the street..but it's cool that you picked them :D


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