Oh, college life

by - November 16, 2009

Being in college for more than a year already make's me feel tons of emotions. First you meet good friends then eventually you'll go your separate ways and after some time find yourself in each others company again. It's quite fickle, yet I love it. I love how I meet new friends too. Friends that aren't so pretentious and shallow. They're real and you can really talk to them.

Lately I met new friends from Carlo's set of friends and even though they're all guys, I can see their soft side and how they don't make you feel like an outcast in their group. I often think I communicate better with the guys, especially when they treat me also like a guy when they make jokes around me, tell me secrets and laugh with me. They often say they like me because I'm not the "pikon" type, I can go with the flow and I'm quite flattered when they think of me that way since I do enjoy how guys company, they just fool around without any vexation. They're completely different from girls, that's why I always had the thought that I wouldn't survive in an all girls school if given the chance, because I grew up with guy friends. I'm not a flirt or anything associated with that, but I guess you girls with close guy friends get me when I say that I need guy friends, I need guy bonding or guys opinion on things and that's something I would truly miss and go crazy about if I went to an all girls school. I'm also glad I went to DLS-CSB, because there is where I found true and humble friends. They don't require much from you, but just your good company. :)

I enjoy the Taft life. I really consider myself lucky that Mom made me study there, because I wouldn't meet the great people I know now without CSB. :) SIgh. I can't wait to venture on more things on my remaining 2 years and 2 terms in Benilde. I don't know if anything here made sense or if they're clashing but it's all mixed emotions. EMBRACE THE INDEPENDENCE. THE TAFT LIFE.

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  1. Good to know you're enjoying your Taft life, Ava! That's what I like about guy friends. There's less intrigues and everything. They're easy to get along with, too. So I really understand where you're coming from :)


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