I bid thee farewell, 2009!

by - December 31, 2009

2009 is coming to an end in 7 hours exactly and what has it brought me? Well I guess you can say a big bucket of mixed emotions. It has been a bad year for the fact that many of the childhood celebrities I grew up admiring has gone away, failed my algebra on my first take and that was my very first failure in college, loss my precious vanity kits because snatchers seem to be attracted to them for some odd reason, Athan got sick a lot, most of my friends and I had to go our separate ways, Ondoy crashed in the Philippines and of course a little heartache in between.

But of course if there's the bad, there will always be the good. I guess 2009 was more of kind to me because of the fact that my little boy turned 1 year old this year and that is a big leap to knowing there's more to come, I got to appreciate school life more and how lucky I am to be in my school, I became a semi-finalist in the Candy blog awards, I was able to go to Batangas last December 12 and 13 and see the beauty of nature with my other family, I met new friends like Anggeh, and the A.S.S. Barkada, and I learned so many things in life that I didn't know before.

To sum it all up my 2009 is indeed epic for me and I'm looking forward to what 2010 will bring me. I hope more good things and lesser bad stuffs. But then again the obstacles in life is what makes us stronger and wiser. I just really hope for a happy 2010 that's all. No new year's resolution for this little girl. I'd rather just say, hello to a new me.

Have a safe and blessed 2010, everyone! Cheers to you all!

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  1. I like our pic with sila encar and dennis sa collage! happy new year! :)

  2. Happy New Year, twin! I hope 2010 will be a whole lot better for everyone.. after everything that 2009 has brought for us. Have a wonderful year ahead! :) Keep in touch!

  3. Achie, I was supposed to post a comment on your previous entry, but I couldn't because of this error.. Anyway, I wasn't able to greet you, but belated happy holidays! (is there such thing?) Haha! :) 2009 is a bit harsh for us, but what's good is that we learn to appreciate the little things! 2010 will be better!

  4. Hey Twin! I know this is a little time-consuming, but I hope you won't mind re-linking my blog to: http://spellmegann.blogspot.com :) New year, new blog! Haha take care twin! Happy new year again!


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