Hello January!

by - January 06, 2010

This is my first entry for January and it's almost yet again the anniversary of my dear blog. I can't believe I've been writing here since 2008 and it will be 2 years already. Time does fly. 2010 has been quite fair to me. It's a bit draggy, but not all bad. I just hope for it to be better in the coming days and since it's going to be a new term for me on January 18, I hope I do well in my upcoming subjects and get a good mark on my course cards.

Right now I'm just stuck at home with a project lined up for tomorrow and two exams to prepare for. I'm still confused at heart right now, but I guess I have to start focusing on other things since I can't always be passive. I realized a lot of things these past few weeks and hopefully it will lead me to something better someday. For now, I leave it to God.

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  1. What's bothering you, Twin? Whatever it is, just try to transform those worries into energy to finish everything you need to do. In a week, it'll be your term break, finally. Then it'll be our turn to go back to school! Haha. See you around, Twin :)


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