Day 3 of the term break

by - January 14, 2010

It's been exactly 3 days since my term break started and all I can say is, it's quite boring yet rewarding all at the same time because I get the chance to look after Athan longer and play with him a lot, but aside from that all I do lately during my "ME" time when Athan's asleep is listen to up beat or heart felt songs. Cheesy I know, but give me a break. I'm on a five day vacation with nothing much to do. The agony. (sarcasm) So, here are some of the new songs I listen to on Youtube:

I really want to do something productive, but often times my body clock fails me, that's why I wanna try a bit harder so that this term break doesn't completely go to waste. I have a lot of things in mind, but only a few of them have actually been accomplished. Hopefully before the 17th this will all be done.

  1. ✔Bond with Athan
  2. Update Knick Knaxx
  3. ✔Read The Lovely Bones
  4. ✔Go Malling
  5. Prepare school stuffs for the 18th
  6. ✔Catch up on GG and Glee episodes
  7. Read Have a little faith
  8. ✔Download new music for the ipod
  9. Make new accessories
  10. Fix my personal notebooks
I wish I lived life in a more busy way rather than idle. Sigh. I shall sleep and ponder on this all again tomorrow. Btw, only 1 day left till THE blog turns 2 years old. Isn't the grand? Have a great weekday, everyone!

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