What if?

by - January 17, 2010

I have a lot of WHAT IF moments in my life and that make's my mind work like crazy in the middle of the night. I don't know why I even bother when things are already there and quite permanent. But I guess it what keeps me sorta sane. Like, WHAT IF my course in DLS-CSB was Multimedia Arts or Fashion Design instead of Export Management? My stay in CSB could have been a lot better. Not being bitter, but Business isn't really my thing. I have an artist's mind, that I care more about passion rather than profit. Crazy talk, yes, But like they say, PICK YOUR PASSION AS YOUR PROFESSION AND YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO WORK A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. Amen to that! Also, WHAT IF I had a permanent set of friends? Like the series F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The sister hood of traveling pants. Something so precious and permanent every where I go, something to hold on to. I'm sure life could have been a lot sweeter. WHAT IF I exerted more effort on my studies during my high school years? I could have been in DLSU now, enjoying all the knowledge about Communication Arts. Where I should have been from the very beginning, because during my senior year I picked Journalism as my elective hoping to gain a 50% chance of being wiser at my major in college, but too late. I'm on the other side. WHAT IF I had something permanent to love as a child that had pure encouragement, like Ballet, Tennis, Soccer, Archaeology, or even designing. I bet I could have been a pro by now and probably joining competitions and something to call my OWN, my identity.

I have a lot more WHAT IF's in life that I don't think I need to elaborate more on, but I guess it's too late for them especially when I'm currently living life in the opposite direction. I don't want to regret, but maybe just try to adjust to the situation. I don't want to look back someday and just be miserable. Whatever happens, it's my life and i'll find a way to make some of those WHAT IF's come to reality. I'm already 20 turning 21, not all WHAT IF's in life are possible, but I will try to make life mine. As long as I still have a little faith in myself, I believe things are still possible and I can make it.

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  1. Good thing about life is we never stop asking questions. it trigger us people to go further, to find the answers.. i believe you weren't there just because it was just a mistake. a mistake of not studying well, a wrong choice.. siguro He has better plans. who knows:)

  2. Oh my. We could've been blockmates pala, twin! :( Did you try to get reconsidered before?

    I also have a lot of what if questions--most of which enter my mind when I'm in bed right before I sleep. I guess it's just when you try to NOT think about things that you end up thinking about things. But I still believe that everything happens for a reason.. and if you work hard enough, you may not find out what that reason is but be thankful that whatever the reason may be, everything still happened :) Hang in there, twin. I'm sure you'll eventually find your place in Export Management. You can also incorporate it with your passion naman! ;) It's all about thinking outside the box :>

  3. I like how your posted your blog ate:) Anw, in the end what matters most is what you have now :) and I'm sure for someone like you who seems always in high spirit and inspired, nothing will fail!!go ate!!
    <3 finally i can comment here!!


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