Navy's been bedazzled!

by - January 30, 2010

I decorated NAVY today! Yes, my phone's name is NAVY. I have this thing for naming my gadgets. I was suppose to name it Indigo, but I thought to myself that Indigo's color might be a bit far from my phone's color, so I went for Navy instead and it's goooood. :)

So yeah. I got some 3D decoration stickers in the mail and I just got really excited and sticked it on my phone immediately. It's sooo cute and I really love ice cream, so that explains the design. I have more, but I wanna reserve them until the ones on my phone are totally tattered so I can easily replace them. As of now I can't stop admiring it. But I'm sure I will get over it in a day or two. Sorry, that's the inner girly girl in me talking. Haha!. Now Navy is Artsy Fartsy like me! Bedazzled much?

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  1. so cute! i have one too! a freebie from your store =)) i'm thinkig of putting it on my laptop. i envy u ate. haha di ako magaling sa pagname ng gadgets =)) ang cuuute!


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