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by - February 22, 2010

I have always loved carrying notebooks around with me at a very young age whether it be at school, malls or tagging along with my mom to work. It has always been a fetish of mine. I would create my own stories in it, draw my favorite cartoon characters or just simply doodle whatever I could think of, but as I grew older my fondness with notebooks as my medium for creativity was replaced with more serious things, like notebooks that had to have school scribbles. More important stuffs. It went on until first year of college until lately I got my spark back for doodling from a Tumblr contact: THE INTERNET GAGA. She made me realize how much I missed carrying around a notebook because I wanted to draw on it or simply because I love art and it will forever linger in me. So, after browsing through her blog and seeing her refer to everyone a Page One notebook I immediately texted Bie and asked him if we could run by any National bookstore so that I could get my hands on my very own Page One and so we did find it, but not exactly the one I wanted nevertheless it was perfect. :]

Meet Ichigo!
I named it Ichigo to make it more mine and personal. Ichigo because before this page it has a really nice shade of strawberry red to it, so i figured why not Ichigo, right?

So far these are some of my creations. The first page is not my doodles, primarily stickers and just dedicated to the things I find cute, like food with faces, Hello kitty, Disney and such.

The rest are already my works or shall I say random doodles in class and at home. Having Ichigo I have never felt so inspired to draw. I'm really glad I bought it and at least this can be a good practice for me because after 2 years or so I would be taking up a second degree, this time in Arts and I would be doing a lot of drawings and would be needing plenty of ideas, so this notebook can serve as my future reference for inspiration.

I do hope this kind of drive would last in me. I really do love it. I reminds me of the OLD me. How I was as a kid. It's a nice thing to dig out of the closet and bring back to life. So, lesson number one, never forget your first love (speaking in terms of hobbies or dreams not boys. Hihi :] ) Always stick to it and you just might find life a lot more interesting. :]

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  1. youre really creative when it comes into these kinds of stuff. i like the doodles!!

  2. it makes me miss drawing as well. hhehe ang cucute ate!!:D i was like that before too, puro drowing.. haha. to the point na even walls may drawing sabi ng nanay ko =)) But as i grew, ayun, computer.. lolx. pero i managed to apply din naman sa computer yung pagdrawing. but i miss the old times, may sketch books ako kaso blank. hehehe i wish i can draw sometime too..

  3. I started working with Page One back in '08 and I loved it since then! The paper is thick enough and there's a certain texture to it that doesn't let ink smudge. It's pure heaven for those who work with ink! Personally, I do my designs in black and white, but I like how the colors just pop out of the pages of yours. Cute as always, twin!


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