What's in my bag?`

by - February 18, 2010

1. My Green Oh Eco Bag. I love how simple it looks and it’s the perfect shade of pink. The french bread is francois. I placed him there to accessorize the bag a bit. :] /2. My Starbucks folder from Mom. Where all my handouts from school are placed. /3. My Starbucks planner. Very dependent on this when it comes to school work. /4. My phone (Nokia E63) and it’s case. /5. My Notebooks. Page One for doodling while the Blue Karton is for school notes. /6. My pencil case. I love Stabilo pens for writing and doodling. :] /7. My LeSportsac coin purse. I’m addicted to keychains, so that’s very obvious why I have a lot here and #8. :] /8. My Fifi Lapin “Kikay” kit. Given by Gersh.♥ /9. My Nano Ipod. I can’t leave the house without it. /10. Things inside my kikay kit: Wallet sized cross, House keys, USB, Nivea Strawberry lip gloss, Johnson & Johnson Summer swing cologne and Alcohol.

How about you, what's in your bag?:)

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  1. Oh, we have the same cologne. Hehe! I love its smell :)

    Anyways, Click here for my "What's in your bag?" post :)

  2. Interesting post. Hmm really makes you think what other people have inside their bags :P Haha! Your kit's much more smaller than mine--which is such a hassle. Maybe I'll do this too, in my next post :> But my bag probably has way too many things :))


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