Cutest pancakes ever!♥

by - May 13, 2010

I'm waiting for Mom to come home right now and I'm currently browsing the net and saw this site about a Dad who makes the cutest pancakes ever for his daughter. I think it's really sweet for a Dad to take so much time to get creative just to make his child happy. :) He calls it Jim's Pancakes and these are some of his uber cute creations that I personally adore--

Giraffe Pancake

Hamburger Pancake complete with T.L.C. and fries with ketchup! ;)

Turtle Pancake (my favorite among the three) :)

He's a genius I would say or a pancake guru. I've been to Pancake house but this one is just TOO awesome to pass up. I like his idea. I think he should venture into business. I bet a lot of kids would be happy to be greeted with these kinds of pancakes during breakfast or dessert. I myself as a parent would definitely look forward to this. What do you think?:)

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  1. Oh my gosh! I checked out the videos, he is such a cool dad. Haha I love the effort! And I feel like this is one way to actually get your kid to eat. :-) Encourages creativity and imagination while eating. Hmm this is great!


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