forever young, i want to be forever young!

by - May 26, 2010

I just turned 21 last April 21 as some of you may know, but I never seem to grow out of the "child at heart" stage and I think it's because I get more encouraged by Athan everyday to live a bit like a child or reach within my inner child. Because honestly, you can't deny that some of us, once we grow up and have kids we forget what it was like to be kid and I find that sad. I believe that having that spark of childhood helps better in understanding and raising children. That's why I thank God very much for blessing me with Athan. He's more than any parents could ask for. :)

One way of getting in touch with your kids is when you take time to play with them. That's what Mom always tells me and luckily for me, she knows places to take us here where Athan and I can enjoy each others company and bond.

I felt like such a kid today. I ran around with Athan, made him shoot hops, slide with him and more. I believe we equally enjoyed the place very much. They had a sand area for kids who like to dig, music area for kids who enjoy making loud noises, kitchen and houses to act like adults, blocks, cars( athan's fave!) gigantic legos and a playground filled with balls for kids to dive in after a sweet ride on the slide.

All in all this day was awesome. It would have been sweeter if Gersh was only with us. I bet he wouldn't leave the Lego area. Haha! =P Being young parents can be tough but at the same time it has it perks (especially when it comes to play time ;) ), like teaching you good lessons in life--how to value time, be more responsible and how to be selfless. It maybe too early, but I'm loving every minute of being Athan's Mom.

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