8 days left!

by - May 23, 2010

It has been days since my last blog and it's not because I have nothing to talk about or I've been a certified bum. It's all because I don't know how I would start every blog entry I want to write. Talk about writer's block! But Gersh has been wanting me to blog, so here I go!

Like I said on my previous entry, when I'm here I'm often a weekend girl because of Mom and Tita's work so for our weekend bonding today we had a very nice Caesar salad and Steak dinner at Swensen Resto. Our favorite was of course the dessert--Sticky chocolate ice cream and it's literally sticky!

In the middle of our dessert Athan decided the get all Mr. Congeniality with some teen girls at the next table. He's been doing this for quite some time now and I think he's becoming such a ladies man and at only 2 years old!=p Boys talaga!

After dinner we did a bit of shopping at my favorite Knick-Knacks store and bookstore at Tianmu and got these cutesy stuffs---

Stitch and Scrump canal earphones & Donut key holder

New pens for the school year!
I really adore the Stitch earphones because it's super cute and not to mention unique. I wasn't expecting Mom to get me a pair and when she did, I felt ecstatic! I love it to bits!:) Also we got new pens for this coming term. I only trust Pilot when it comes to black pens and been using it since high school, so trusted and proven! As for the Souffle colored pens, they are just divine! I love how soft they write. Really perfect for my doodle book and planner. ;)

I really can't wait for the school year to start. ( I'm hoping for an awesome school year) Most of all to be back in Manila's arms again! But for now I can't say I'm not enjoying my vacation here. I love Taiwan as well. After this trip, I have to wait until 2011's summer till I come back again, so might as well make the most of it with my Mom and Tita, right?:) Well, only 8 days left. Till my next blog!

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  1. Wow! I love the earphones! Its so cool. Hahaha. Also, the ice cream looks super delicious! Parang napakatamis e. haha!

  2. WAAAA ang cute nung earphones, where'd you get it ate?? superrr cuute and the donut thingy din. As usual cutesy stuff nanaman nakikita ko sa blog mo!!haha ingat ate. Ako din excited para sa pasukan >:)

  3. Hi. I just love your blog. everytime i'd update mine, it would be impossible not to visit your site. congrats!

  4. I want earphones like those! So cute! :) Enjoy the rest of your stay in Taiwan, twin! See you.


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